Analysis of Simulated Annealing to Decongest Traffic in a Multi-Road Coordinated Intersection


Following the rapid growth of cities,the continuous expansion of cities, too many vehicles competing for limited capacity transportation, Researchers on a daily basis are working tirelessly to solve the problem of road traffic congestion as it increases the increasing probability of accidents and has a negative impact on the environment. In this paper, we focused on MATLAB as it is far better (financially) than using commercial tools for traffic simulation adopting a Simulated annealing algorithm.  We created an objective function which in turn generated the fitness or best values using the equation: f = inline 20(C1)4 + 16(C2)2., while the traffic model consisted of 14 radio buttons, 12 text boxes and edit boxes) splitting into a cross road and adjoining T-junction separated by a distance to make it coordinated.  After the signal time cycle, there were six (traffic) phases, each showing the decongestion time and fitness function. In Case 1, the decongestion time was within the range of 9s and 41s, while the second’s was within the range of 2s and 58s. Further analysis revealed the relationships between generated fitness values and decongestion times. Another table was designed to show the analysis of the lanes’ decongestion times, the phases and cycles involved. It was shown that the six lanes were touched in at most two phases in the two cases considered. In future, researchers should compare the theoretical values to real-life cases, and include emergency conditions (ambulance & police vans).  


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