Design and Implementation of a Sensor-Based Machine Overheat Protection System with Alarm Notification

  • Akangbe A. Samson Adeleke University Ede, Osun-sate
  • Abiodun A. Ojetoye
  • Omodeni B. Celestina
  • Babatunde A. Abimbola
Keywords: Increase in temperature, , Machine overheat, Cooling measures, Machine failure,, Subscriber identification module


Machines are electrical and mechanical apparatus with which works are done more easily and faster with greater precision and efficiency, overheating is an undesired rise in temperature during operation that could cause the instrument not to perform maximally, it reduces efficiency and can lead to total breakdown of the apparatus and dangerous to the operator. Provisions are already made for cooling to prevent such occurrence but sometime it becomes inevitable as a result of failure in cooling system. This research provides a way to minimize the effect of overheating with a cooling fan being triggered by micro-controller through a signal from temperature sensor to reduce its impact if it occurs, raising an alarm and notification through short message system (SMS) from sim module, which notify the user and eventual turning OFF of the apparatus if the heating persists beyond a specified limit, thus preventing catastrophic failure of the machine while ensuring safety to the personnel. The result indicated that the designed product detected the overheating and gave appropriate response of attempting to cool the machine, but raised an alarm when the cooling was insufficient and sent an sms to the assigned sim when overheating occurred and eventual switch off. Thus, preserving the equipment and the safety of the operator.


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