Assessing Contractors’ Selection Criteria for Improved Project Delivery

  • Shamsudeen A. Agboola University of Abuja


This research assesses the project delivery criteria for evaluating construction contractor, with specific application to construction projects in Jos. The paper adopted questionnaire survey conducted on construction professionals. Structured questionnaire was administered to 170 professionals to elicits information’s on criteria used for assessing contractors, out of which 148 representing 87.06% properly filled questionnaires were analyzed. The respondents were asked to rank 10 major criteria for selecting a contractor, 6 reason for selecting contractor base on bid, 5 factors on the need for selecting a contractor as conceptualized and identified from the literature.  The study deployed descriptive statistics such as relative importance index, mean rating and mean ranking for data analysis. The project delivery criteria were analyzed and the results indicated that base on bid with RII of 0.89, low price with RII of 0.88 and financial stability with RII of 0.86 were ranked as major criteria for selecting capable contractors. It was reasonably competitive, and the offer was close to our estimate, were rated high as factors for evaluating contractors base on bid. For selection of the most appropriate contractor and to fulfil the sponsor or other stakeholder’s requirement were rated high on the need for selecting a contractor. The identified factors were therefore recommended as criteria’s to be considered for assessing contractor for improved project delivery. Furthermore, this research will help decision makers, clients and others involved in construction project delivery to be well informed on contractor selection criteria that influences construction project delivery


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