Analysis and Development of Military Helmet Using Date Palm Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composite

  • Nura Jibrin Kaduna polytechnic
  • Bashir K. Isyaku
  • Auwal Y. Gidado
  • Saidu B. Abubakar
Keywords: date palm, Epoxy, Helmet and Fibre


The study discusses on analysis, fabrication and characterization of military helmet using date palm fibre reinforced with epoxy. The study is aimed at identifying the possibility of using the locally available material such as date palm fibre for the production of military protective helmet. Composite plates were prepared using Date palm fibre (DFE) reinforced with epoxy with varying composition. Six samples were produced and cut into the required size and shape for testing mechanical properties (impact strength ASTM D-156, Hardness ASTM D-2240, tensile strength ASTM D-638 and flexural strength ASTM D-790) of the material. Based on the result obtained, sample label S3   has 20% DFE and 80% epoxy has the highest impact strength of 0.225 J/mm2, hardness 70 Hv, tensile strength 25.87 N/mm2 and flexural strength. The scan electron microscopy (SEM) was carried on the selected sample in which voids were observed in the image which could be instrumental to air trapped in the composite during mixing which might have escaped during curing at high temperature living the void in the sample. The helmet was produced using the selected sample with a thickness of 8mm while that of Daungkumsawat, et al (2020) has a thickness of 6.94mm


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