Synthesis of Alkyd Resins from Black Sesame (Sesamum radiatum) Seed Oil

  • Gbonjubola V. Awolola University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
  • Peace U. Francis
  • Temitope E. Odetoye Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


The utilization of vegetable oils as renewable feedstocks is gaining more grounds in the polymer industry as replacement for petroleum-based feedstocks due to environmental challenge. There is a dire need to meet the recent increased demand for vegetable oil feedstock for oil-based alkyd resins production. Hence, black sesame (Sesamum radiatum) oil, a non-conventional raw material was investigated for alkyds production. The oil was extracted, characterized and refined. Medium-oil alkyds, alkyd-x and alkyd-y, with 48% and 52% oil contents respectively, were synthesized via two-stage alcoholys is-poly esterification process with glycerol and phthalic anhydride. Oil yield, density, specific gravity, viscosity; iodine, acid and saponification values were 28.2%, 0.934 g/ml, 0917, 0.045 poise, 106.6 gI2/100g oil, 0.73 mgKOH/g and 188 mgKOH/g of oil respectively. Densities, specific gravities, viscosities, and acid values of alkyd-x and alkyd-y were obtained as 0.886g/ml and 0.933 g/ml, 0.869 and 0.915, 60.4 m.Pa.s and 65.5 m.Pa.s, 14.55 mg KOH and 11.93 mg KOH respectively.  Successful polyesterification was confirmed on FTIR spectra. Pencil hardness test indicated highest hardness at 5H for alkyd-x while gloss retention was 60.2%.


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